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Tues.       Sept 5 thru Wed. Sept. 6th: Teachers on Duty
Thurs.     Sept. 7: Orientations K, 4s classes
Fri.          Sept. 8 Orientations K, 5 day 4s, 3 day 3s
Mon.      Sept 11: First Day K & 4s, Noon dismissal for K, Orientations for 3 day 3s
Tues.       Sept. 12: 2 day 3sand 2 day 2s Orientations
Wed        Sept. 13: 3 day 3s half session
Thurs.     Sept. 14: 2 day 3s and 2 day 2s Orientations
Fri.          Sept. 15: 1st full session for 3 day 3s
Mon.       Sept 18: Full day and Extended Day for K begins. Lunch bunch for 4s begins, Early Drop Off for 4s and K begins
Tues.       Sept. 19: ½ session for Pebbles and Seedlings
Thurs.   Sept. 21: 1st full session for Pebbles and Seedlings
Fri.         Sept. 22: Back to school picnic 12:00
Mon.     Sept. 25: Lunch Bunch and Early Drop Off begins for 3s Classes
Tues.     Sept. 26: Aftercare begins
Tues.     Sept. 26: Diversity, Inclusion and You (DIY) dinner event 6pm
Fri.       Sept. 29: 1st day of Chapel 11:35
Mon.     Oct. 9: CPR and First Aide training, No School
Thurs.   Oct. 12: Parent’s Night, 7:00 PM

For a full calendar and events beyond October, download a copy of the calendar here.

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Weather Policy

When there are dangerous road conditions due to snow and ice, we may need to close school or to delay opening. We would want all of our staff and families to be safe.

Generally, we follow Baltimore County. If Baltimore County schools are closed, we close. If they open one or two hours late, we open at 10. On occasion, we have varied from Baltimore County in the cases of prolonged closings or when Baltimore County has a professional day when it snows. So, therefore we will post on our website by 7 any school closings or delays. We will also put a message on the phone.

Note that if we lose power we cannot post on the website. So, if in doubt, please follow Baltimore County School closings.

Extended Day (Lunch Bunch) Guidelines and Forms

Extended Day Registration is OPEN for Winter/Spring 2018!

First English Lutheran Preschool and Kindergarten has enjoyed great success in the past years with our extended day program. We plan to continue to offer it this school year. The children enjoy the mixed age groups and the extra time to play with friends. They often refer to it as “lunch bunch”. Preschoolers and Kindergarteners will have time to eat, play outdoors, play indoors, read, and enjoy other learning activities. While both groups may enjoy outdoor time together, the preschoolers work and play in one room and the kindergarteners do so in their regular room. The children are offered such options as art projects, yoga, stories, games, and time to try new things and new friends. The Kindergarten offers an extension of the morning program.

Extended day begins at 12:00 p.m. and pick up time is by 2:15 for preschool and by 2:20 for kindergarteners. This is offered Monday through Thursday. You may sign up in one of the following ways:

  1. Per semester: For this the cost is $24/day for kindergarten and $22/day for preschool. There are discounts available in addition for signing up for two siblings and for multiple days.
  2. Per day: For a one time sign up, the cost is $26 for kindergarten and $24 for preschool. We request notice and registration a day ahead. If you need to sign up in an “emergency situation”, please call the office to be sure space is available. We cannot guarantee space is available.

The sibling discount is applied to the younger sibling’s registration and both children must be registered at the time the discount is given.

Extended Day (Lunch Bunch) form Kindergarten 2017
Extended Day (Lunch Bunch) form Fours
Extended Day (Lunch Bunch) form 3 day 3’s
Extended Day (Lunch Bunch) form 2 day 3’s

After Care Guidelines and Forms

After Care & Early Drop Off – Guidelines and Costs

A few years ago, due to a growing parent need, First English Lutheran Preschool and Kindergarten began offering an aftercare program beyond the school day and traditional extended day. This is for children in the 3s classes through Kindergarten. The children enrolled in aftercare continue on from the lunch bunch which ends at 2:15 and are able to stay until 5 p.m. sharp. This year, it will be offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If we are unable to fill sufficiently both days, we may consider reducing the offering. We based the amount of days on the parent interest responses and the teacher availability.

Miss Lisa and Miss Beth will be offering this aftercare. Miss Beth has been at FELP over 20 years and is experienced in both teaching preschool and offering childcare. She teaches the youngest group of 4s and also takes care of our library. She has experience also in previous years with lunch bunch. Miss Lisa is in her fifth year at FELP, teaches in the 4s, and has often worked at lunch bunch, aftercare, and camp. Both teachers are kind and warm.

This program will be a pleasant, playful and restful afternoon. We hope that FELP aftercare will mimic the kinds of things that kids do afterschool if they are at home around the neighborhood. The children will have a rest time as required by MSDE as well as a snack and time to play indoors and out.

A New offering this year is Early Drop off. This begins at 8:30. Miss Susan and Miss Marcie will greet children in the library at 8:30 to start the day with books, puzzles and conversations. See sign up for more details.

Aftercare registration form, 2017
Early Drop Off, K’s & 4’s
Early Drop Off, 3’s

Emergency Form

Emergency Form 2015