About our dedicated team


Lizzy DeMarco Dewdrops and Pebbles

Miss Lizzy is the mom of two FELP alums, Ronan and Scarlett. She loves spending time with her kids, walking her dogs in the woods, reading, movies, and art. Miss Lizzy was a stay at home mom until 2013 when she joined Miss Susan in the 5 day 4’s and then taught in the Kindergarten class with Miss Kathy and Miss Tracy. She earned a BA from Loyola University Chicago in Philosophy and Women’s Studies. She then earned a Masters in Education from DePaul University of Chicago. Prior to working at FELP, she was a volunteer here for years and taught in Baltimore City Public Schools and Chicago Public Schools. After a year off she rejoined us to teach the 3s classes.


Tara Glickman Kindergarten

Tara is thrilled to teach at FELP as an assistant teacher in the Kindergarten classroom, where she has been since 2016. She has been substituting and helping at FELP since her oldest son, Isaac, enrolled in 2013. Her youngest son, Remy, also went to FELP. . Tara earned her undergraduate degree in Communications at Towson University and her MLA at JHU. She enjoys reading, art, silly dancing and snack time.




Stephanie Aquilina Dewdrops and Pebbles

Miss Stephanie enjoyed playing with dolls, dressing up and pretending to be a photographer, setting up her brother with photo shoots. She went on to go to college, worked in banking and to then stay home with her two lovely daughters. After years at FELP as a mom and volunteer, she joined us as an assistant in the 3s classes in 2011. She still takes great pictures and loves pretending with the kids. She has also worked with the children in lunch bunch and aftercare. She likes to go to the beach, read, and create.


Susan Hibbs


Miss Susan is the youngest of 4 children and spent her childhood keeping up with her big brothers. They all played outside most of the time and she loved the zipline and the big rope swing in her yard ! In the winter she went sledding as often as possible at the BCC hill in Roland Park. When not playing outside she enjoyed playing with her dolls and stuffed animals. Susan took dance lessons at Peabody and finally retired her toe shoes at the end of her senior year in college. After completing a M.Ed in Elementary Education, Susan returned to Baltimore where she was hired to teach in the Howard County Public Schools. There she met Miss Jenny who taught in the same school and lived just up the street! After the birth ofher son she was fortunate to stay at home with Lewis ( and then Abigail until accepting the job at FELP in 2009. When she has free time, she enjoys reading and gardening.


Marcie Shriver


Miss Marcie can’t help it, she loves the beach. It all started because her Dad was in the Royal Air Force in England and her family got stationed all over the world. When she was 4, he was posted to Aden which is a seaport city in today’s Yemen. She has now learned that she lived in a volcano (that’s worth mentioning even though she didn’t know it when she was 4 and the volcano is very, very dormant) the walls of which form the shape of the harbor. They frequently went to Elephant Beach and she got to play in the sand, get wet and enjoy the many sunny hot days.Marcie joined Sharon in the Sprouts in 2013. She is also the director of our summer camp program for 6 weeks. She has many years of experience with young children. After training in the UK as a NNEB, she came to the States to nanny for a family with quadruplets in Washington D.C. Since then she has worked with several different families as a child nurse and nanny. She completed additional early childhood coursework since joining FELP to be a lead teacher. She is the mother of Sam, a college graduate and a FELP alum. She enjoys long walks with her standard poodle Lola, reading, gardening, the beach and spending time with family and friends.


Lisa Murphy


When Miss Lisa was little she spent the days playing outside and swimming with her sister. She was obsessed with Barbies and Tinker Toys. She grew up and now has a teenage son named Jack. She likes road trips and going to the beach. She is usually up for any fun thing in Baltimore with her family. She is a graduate from Towson University and worked as a paralegal. After staying home raising her son and volunteering at schools, she began working with Beth and Vanessa in the 4 day 4s in 2013 and she loved it. In 2014, she joined Susan as an assistant in the 5 day 4s class. She also is a lunch bunch and aftercare teacher as well as a regular at summer camp.


Amber Wilke

Seedlings, Buds

Miss Amber grew up in the mountains, so she liked to hike and play in the woods, climb trees, and swim in creeks. She started dance lessons at 3 (ballet was the favorite), and liked to swim at the pool every day of the summer. She played softball and volleyball and loved reading science fiction novels. Amber went on to become a teacher and went to graduate school at Hopkins here in Baltimore. After staying home with her two kids, Ava and Russell and volunteering at FELP and in the community, she returned to teach our twos and threes at FELP! Now she loves to read, travel, and take pictures of her friends and family.


Beth Spedalere

River Rocks

Miss Beth grew up liking to play with baby dolls, pretending to be Shirley Temple and going to the pool. You might notice her classroom always has lots of dolls, dress ups and music! Miss Beth grew up to earn her degree in education and psychology from Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio. He has 3 children, now independent adults. She enjoys dancing, sail boat racing and pottery. She loves teaching the 4 day 4s class and she has been teaching at FELP since 1991! She loves to read books to the class, create fun projects and enjoy their play. She is also our school librarian. Two afternoons a week, she catalogs all of the books and orders new ones. She also takes care of the children in aftercare two days a week.


Jenny Barrett


Miss Jenny Barrett has been the director of First English Lutheran Pre and K since June of 2007. When she was little, she liked playing with her 5 siblings outside, trying to dress her dog, and lining up stuffed animals across the bed. She went on to receive a Bachelors and Masters in Early Childhood Special Education. She taught for 8 years in Howard County, as an early childhood special education teacher and team leader. After becoming a mother, she taught Kindergarten 3s and 2s at FELP. Both of her adult children attended FELP. She also teaches classes for teachers and adults for Mariposa Child Success Programs with a focus on building emotional resilience.


Kathy Verde Kindergarten

Miss Kathy starting at age one, spent the time around her birthday, midsummer, at the beach. She enjoyed and still does, playing with trucks and cars, then with her two brothers, now with her students, making forts and splashing in puddles. Miss Kathy grew up and received her degree Elementary Education. She taught at Friends, Epiphany Day Care, and Immaculate Conception. Miss Kathy started at FELP in 2007. She loves signing, art, sewing,math, science and all of the fun things she plans with the class.


Rebecca Rossello

Music Teacher for all classes

When Miss Rebecca was little she loved to play make-believe and build with clay and Legos. She and her little brother liked to race, chase form their own sports teams with groups of kids. She still likes to play make-believe only now she prefers to do it with music. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Goucher College with a concentration in Music. More recently, she earned a Masters Degree in Vocal Performance from Towson University. She has taught on the private music faculty at Friends School of Baltimore for thirteen years, for the Maryland State Boy choir for five years, directed their Treble Choir for three years, and even had the good fortune to direct the only college musical performed by the theater department at Goucher College one semester. In Howard County, she runs a vocal camp two weeks each summer and they all sing up a storm. She also gets a chance to sing herself sometimes in opera roles and every week in a quartet at Saint Ignatius Church in Baltimore. Her favorite thing to do now is to teach all of her wonderful students!


Tracy Slezicki


Miss Tracy grew up in Texas. She spent many summer vacations and holidays traveling to NY and Puerto Rico to visit family. When she was young she stayed active by participating in Gymnastics, Dance, Ice Skating, Tennis and Soccer. She liked the feeling of freedom while playing outdoors with her sister and friends. Miss Tracy could be found riding her bike in the creek, skateboarding and wondering the fields. Today she still enjoys that sense of freedom by riding her motorcycle, scuba diving, camping, hiking and traveling. In her down-time she enjoys doing yoga, meditating, reading, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. She has two children Angelo and Tsering, who is a FELP alumni. Miss Tracy earned her degree in EECE/Psychology from CUNY. She taught K and 3rd grade in Baltimore City. Miss Tracy came to FELP as a parent and began teaching the 3’s in 2007. After a few years in the threes and moving out of state for a while, Tracy became a co-teacher in our Kindergarten in 2012, where she has been guiding our Kindergartners ever since. She also led our summer camp for several years.


Sharon Beach


Miss Sharon Beach is the lead teacher in the Sprouts 5 day 4s class. When she was younger, she loved to play house. She had a refrigerator that had been built by her Pop Pop and other kitchen appliances. She loved to play with the family dog, a boxer named Peg. She also liked to ride her brother’s pony. When she got a little older she had her own white pony named Prince. She grew up in the country and spent a lot of time outdoors. Sharon has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, certification to teach Elementary School and a Master’s in Educational Administration. She worked for 6 years in Baltimore County Public Schools as a Spanish teacher and a Teacher Mentor. Both of her children attended FELP. In her free time she enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, biking and traveling.


Tacy Macgill-Biggs Office Administrator

As a kid Miss Tacy loved to climb trees and play in the stream that ran through her yard. She continues to love the outdoors. Tacy joined us as office administrator in 2007. She keeps track of everything, schedules tours, runs admissions smoothly and takes care of billing. She worked in sales, but now she is the friendly voice that answers the phone at FELP Tacy has two children, Sam and Char. She loves to bike, read, run and spend time at the Eastern Shore with her family.


Vanessa Burnham RiverRocks

Miss Vanessa was born and raised in Baltimore. She loved watching sports with her dad, especially the Orioles. Her mom was a fabulous cook and she enjoyed cooking and learning from her. She always had fun playing with her friends, listening to music with them and singing and dancing a lot. Of course summers meant hanging out at the pool. Not a lot has changed for Vanessa. She still enjoys all those things except now with her 4 children. Vanessa joined FELP in 2012 in the 4 day 4s and has been there ever since. She has also been assistant on Fridays in the Kindergarten class. She is a busy parent of her 4 children and an active volunteer. Vanessa has also provided childcare at Meadowbrook pool, various friends and neighbors. She also is the lead lunch bunch teacher.

Karen Coughlin, Art for 4s and K

Karen came here like many of the teachers, as a parent. She became the FELP art teacher in 2010.