Tuition and Fees for 2019-2020 

Kindergarten Oaks $8,977.28

1/2 Day Kindergarten Oaks $7,401.68

5 day 4s Raindrops $5,724.16

5 day 4s Sprouts $5,724.16

4 day 4s River Rocks $4,842.24

3 day 3s Dewdrops $3,708.64

3 day 3s Buds $3,708.64

2 day 3s Pebbles $3,110.64

2 day 2s Seedlings $3,003.52

Application/Registration fee is $60 per family and is non-refundable

* Please note: A discount is applied for paying tuition by August 1st.

** Quarterly payments are due on Aug. 1st, Nov. 1st, Feb. 1st, and April 1st.


If you wish to apply for a need-based scholarship, contact the office to obtain an application.

The applications are due by March 1st. Please be aware that there are limited funds available.

Printable Tuition Chart and Fees