Scholarship Fund


Dear FELP families,

When we were looking for a school for our little girl, we realized we wanted an environment with a thoughtful, reflective, social experience and age-appropriate learning. When we saw FELP and experienced the values and love that this place exudes — we knew it was what we wanted.

On the day we visited, we observed two children vying for the same toy in the sandbox. We watched as an adult held the toy and talked to the kids, honoring what each was feeling with total kindness and patience. The process allowed each child to figure out on their own how to take turns with no hurt feelings. We realized that this environment could teach us more about how to be the kind of parents we wanted to be.

In a national and local climate of divisiveness, seeding and actualizing the values of kindness, empathy and collective problem solving is no small thing. We love this place for realizing the absolute necessity in teaching these values. We appreciate what FELP has offered us and also want it to be a diverse place that is accessible to more families. This is why we are supporting FELP in making 10 scholarships available next year. To achieve this goal, we hope to raise a minimum of $45,000. This is a significant financial goal as well as a commitment to equity, inclusion and the learning that comes with creating a more dynamic environment.

Please consider offering your support to our growth as a community by making your donation.

Rebecca Yenawine & Mark Carter