FELP Tuition 2018-19


Kindergarten Oaks $8,801.52 

1/2 Day Kindergarten Oaks $7,256.08 

5 day 4s Raindrops $5,611.84 

5 day 4s Sprouts $5,611.84 

4 day 4s River Rocks $4,747.60 

3 day 3s Dewdrops $3,635.84 

2 day 3s Pebbles $3,049.28 

2 day 2s Seedlings $2,944.24 


Application/Registration fee is $60 per family and is non-refundable

* Please note: A discount is applied for paying tuition by August 1st.

** Quarterly payments are due on Aug. 1st, Nov. 1st, Feb. 1st, and April 1st.

If you wish to apply for a need-based scholarship, contact the office to obtain an application.

The applications are due by March 1st. Please be aware that there are limited funds available.


Printable tuition chart with payment plan and deposit information