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Volunteer Opportunities

At First English Lutheran Preschool and Kindergarten we love to see parents at our school and feel that parents are one of the reasons we have such a special school. We have put together this list of ways to volunteer at the school both in the classroom and with the Parents Association. Please look over the list, read the descriptions and see where you might fit in. We’ve attached a form for you to check off your areas of interest. Please return in your child’s bag by October 1.

Wish List

  • Gardeners to come and help with any weeding and planting throughout the year

Five Wonderful Ways to Help

Each class has two room parents. The room parents have two jobs. One room parent assists the teacher in organizing class parties and contacting parents as needed for classroom events. The second room parent serves as a liaison to the Parents Association by attending PA meetings, sharing information from the PA with his/her class parents, and helping to recruit volunteers from the class for PA events. The two class parents could decide to each take one role or take turns planning class parties and working as the PA liaison.

When a teacher is ill or unable to come to school, her teaching partner will take over the classroom and be sure things run smoothly. In order to keep the adult:child ratio age-appropriate, we need to bring in a substitute teacher to fill the second role. Having parent volunteers come in to help the class allows us to bring in a familiar, friendly face and to cut costs. If you sign up as a substitute, your name will go on a list for that class, and the teacher will call you and see if you are available for the day in question.

While our playground grass is cut and we recently put  down new mulch, we periodically need to pitch in as a group and work on the  playground to paint the playhouse, plant flowers, weed, and otherwise keep it beautiful.

Once a month, the teachers have a staff meeting over lunch. If parents come and sit with the lunch bunchers while they eat for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, the full staff can participate in this monthly meeting.

The PA helps organize activities that promote a sense of community at the school and help raise funds. Volunteers are needed to help plan and carry-out these activities. For more details see the attached page.

The Parents Association


The PA is made up of any and all parents who wish to be involved in school activities. The PA is led by a “leadership team” of parents.

Goals of the PA:

  1. Promote a sense of community within the schools’ families and between families and teachers.
  2. Fundraise for school needs and goals which include: building improvement and maintenance such as shelving and new paint; supporting competitive teacher salaries; purchasing new equipment as needed such as a computer, riding toys, etc.; providing healthier snack choices; and need-based scholarship funding.

Organizational Structure

The PA is managed by a leadership team that includes the following positions:

  • Team Leader
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Community Service Coordinator
  • Treasurer/’Green’ Coordinator
  • Event Coordinators (for the four main events)

In addition, the following other parents are an important part of the PA:

  • Room Parents: One of the room parents from each class serves as PA liaison by attending PA meetings, sharing information from the PA with his/her class and helping recruit volunteers from the class for PA events.
  • Members: Any and all parents at the school are welcome to attend meetings, offer ideas,and plan and participate in PA activities.


  • Monthly meetings are held to update parents on activities, identify volunteer needs for upcoming events and activities, and share ideas and suggestions.
  • Meetings are alternated between evening and morning to accommodate the most number of parents possible. Days of the week for meetings will also be varied.
  • Additional ad hoc meetings may be held related to planning of large events.
  • Any and all parents are welcome at any PA meeting.

PA Events and Activities:

Activities and events have several purposes. They aim to increase a sense of community at the school, provide opportunities for school families to get to know each other and also help fundraise for school needs.

Back-to-School Picnic. Held the last Friday in September, 12:00, on the playground

Each family brings a picnic lunch to the school playground after dismissal. Watermelon, water and healthy popsicles are provided.

Pot-luck Dinner, usually held the third Saturday of November, 5:00 pm Fellowship Hall

Each family brings a dish to share. Music, dancing, and kids art activities will be provided.

Wine and Dine/Silent Auction, held in March, location varies

Adult-only fundraiser with food, wine and silent auction items.

Strawberry Festival, held the Saturday before Mother’s Day, 10 am – 1 pm, at school

Spring festival with games, arts and crafts, food, bake sale, etc. for the entire FELP family
and surrounding community.

Other Activities:

The PA carries out other activities through the year such as:

  • Helping at Parents Night (by providing and organizing refreshments)
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Teacher appreciation luncheons (fall and spring)
  • Parent education nights/book discussions
  • Community service projects in collaboration with First English Lutheran Church